Bucharest, 11-22 September 2017

At the airport

Do not exchange cash at the airport. The exchange rate is really bad (you lose more than 10%). You can use the ATMs or pay your taxi by card (it may take longer to find taxis with this option).

Get a taxi. It is the only easy way to get to the center of Bucharest. The rate ranges from 1.4 RON/km to 3.9 RON/km, so the ride to the center should be between 25 and 60 RON. Pay the amount shown on the meter (+ a 5 to 10 RON tip).

Order it from the machines situated to on the right after you leave the baggage reclaim area, as shown in the pictures below. We recommend the machine on the left. After you place the order, the machine gives you a ticket with the company name, car number, and registration plate. Step outside the terminal and wait for it. Make sure you get the one you ordered, and keep the ticket.


The currency of Romania is the Romanian Leu (plural Lei), abreviated as RON. The easiest way to get cash is from ATMs. You can also exchange foreing currency at the exchange houses around the city. Just make sure the exchange rate is right, and they charge no comission.

1 Euro ~ 4.6 RON
1 USD ~ 3.85 RON

The venue

All lectures will be at the Faculty of Mathematics, on Strada Academiei 14. The lecture room is Amfiteatrul Spiru Haret on the ground floor. Follow the corridor to the right as you enter.


A 10% tip is expected.